Travel Route and Access to Climb Mount Semeru

Mount Semeru is the highest mount in Java and naturally it’s that really hard for the bracket climbers to enjoy the challenge in attaining its summit named Mahameru which is about 3676 masl. Obviously, it’s a wise idea to know about the bracket Semeru including on the travel itinerary and accessibility for appreciating bracket Semeru rising. Semeru is located in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Mount Semeru is included from the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. That’s in the same area of Mount Bromo, Mount Watangan, Mount Kursi, and Mount Widodaren. If you’re going to reach Mount Semeru from Malang town, you may use the public transport to Tumpang village.

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Then, you can continue it utilizing the Jeep or you can merely enjoy the truck that’s frequently employed for bring the veggies which we may find in the back of market of Tumpang terminal. You need to cover about Rp. 20, 000 or it’s about US $2. It’ll allow you to reach Pos Ranu Pani Pos. Then you have go to Gubug Klakah to get the permit and you need to cover about Rp. 6000, 00 per permit that can be utilized till 10 individuals. Then, you also ought to pay for the entry ticket that’s about Rp. 17.500 per person up to Rp.

22.500, and Rp.2000, 00 for the insurance each person. Then, after that you could continue the visit at Ranu Pani by truck or jeep. If you’re from Probolinggo, then you must go to Terminal Probolinggo in Sukapura and after that reach Jemplang Village that’s then you may reach Ranu Pani Village. What if you come there from Pasuruan? . You must go to Simpang Dengklik, and after that the road will be the exact same as you’re from Probolinggo. Travel Route and Access to Climb Mount Semeru. If you’re already reaching Ranupani village, you’ll go to achieve Landengan Dowo. That’s about 3km that will need about 90 minutes of walking.

Then, you’ll go to Watu Rejeng which is about 3km from Landengan Dowo. By Watu Rejeng you’ll work about 120 minutes or about 4.5kilometers to Ranu Kumbolo. By Ranu Kumbolo, you’ll go to Oro oro Ombo that is about one kilometer from Rany Kumbolo that require a 50% of a hour walk. From there, you can achieve Cemoro Kandang, which may be reached about thirty minutes of walking or about 1.5kilometers from Orooro Ombo. Then, from Cemoro Kandang you’ll reach Jambangan which is about 3km far. By Jambangan you can achieve Kalimati which is about 2 km and after that go to Arcopodo which is 1.2kilometers far from Kalimati. By Arcopodo, you may walk into Cemoro Tunngal and reach to complete Mahameru that is about 1.5kilometers that lasts from 3 to 4 hour .